Sr. Naval Officer Lieutenant Commander Elliott Jordan

Gunnery Sergeant Russell Sweeney

Congratulations to the Spirit Award Winners!

Every year the Principal honors a few individuals who embody the Page spirit. Congratulations to this year’s recipients, Gunnery Sergeant Sweeney and Commander Jordan. Both have served in the military before coming to Page. Commander Jordan served in the Navy and served with the US Marine Corps. Gunnery Sergeant Sweeney also served in the Marine Corps. They served in many different places from Naples, Italy to Okinawa, Japan to Guantanamo Bay. Gunnery Sergeant Sweeney has been with Page’s ROTC program for 16 years and Commander Jordan has been with the program for 23 years. Page means something to people and both of these incredible men understand and embrace that. Gunnery Sergeant Sweeney understands and appreciates the amount of teamwork that happens between students and staff to make the ROTC program the best it possibly can be. When asked what the best part about working at Page, Commander Jordan replied, “Page is one of the best high schools in the country. I have seen Page evolve over the years, as a result of outstanding administrators, teachers and students. I love most of all Page’s swagger. No matter what, we believe we are the best, and follow through to make sure we are the best!” Congratulations to the two phenomenal men that received this well deserved award this year!

Gunnery Sergeant Sweeney (left)

and Commander Jordan (right)


Page High School NJROTC